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Long story short, I’m opening up commissions both as a way to keep artistic drive going while also helping pull my weight financially since, while I know they don’t view it as such, I feel like I’ve been leeching off my loved ones too much, and I haven’t yet managed to get a traditional job.

The only payment I can accept currently is Paypal at If you’re interested in a commission, you can shoot an e-mail to that address or just message me on deviantart or tumblr.

The following 9 categories (samples in the links) are thus how my commission options will begin, with further ones being added in the future depending on demand. If you’re looking for something not on this list, send me an e-mail and we’ll see if it can be worked out.


  • LOOSE SKETCH: $2, Color is $1 extra and will be both flat and look like this, matching the roughness of the linework.
  • ALIASED (pixely) LINES: $4, Color is $1 extra and currently only available in flat.
  • ANTIALAISED (smooth) LINES: $5, Color is $1 extra for flat, $3 for basic shading.
  • PHYSICAL PEN: $5, Color is currently not available, but will be when I have access to my colored pencils again (as well as digital coloring options when that happens). Further, I am also currently away from my scanner, so transfers of the artwork would be in photo quality, though can be re-scanned at the later date.
  • LINE TOOL LINES: $5, Color is $1 extra for flat, $3 for basic shading.
  • VECTOR: $8, Flat Color included, as well as extra delivery options (various rendering sizes, isolated characters/elements, providing the vector file, etc.)


  • CUTOUT: $1
  • COMPOSITION: $5 (essentially, any image editing task that isn’t doing a cutout can fall under this category. Though the sample shows head and face replacements, feel free to ask for a multitude of image editing tasks you may want done)

Drawing slots available:

Image Editing slots available:



I reserve the right to decline any commission. I will do fetish or sexual subject matter, though be advised I am not very experienced in this regard and declining is very likely to happen if the subject matter is particularly uncomfortable (non-consensual scenario depicted, for example).

For image editing jobs, my likelihood of declining rests on both the above, and how you plan to use the cutouts or composition if the images I am editing are not completely owned by you. (Making stuff like forum signatures, funny pictures or tumblr/social media, cutouts to use in YouTube Poop, I would do. Making cutouts of trademarked characters for you to use on a flyer, banner, or video/mobile game, I would not.)

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Watching: Kamen Rider Gaim
  • Playing: Pokémon X & Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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